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Specifications and Procedures
NACE CIP Level 3 Italia | evaluation of external coating performance on buried pipelines
Preparation and revision of technical specifications


The technical specification is a key factor in the prevention corrosion processes and an essential tool for the suitable performance of any coating work.


IMC can prepare or review technical specifications and working procedures for the paint of ships, offshore platforms, FPSO and FSO, on-shore facilities, pipelines, mega yachts tailored on the real clients’ requirements.


  • Identification and evaluation of environmental, of temperatures and conditions services
  • Selection of the most suitable surface preparation method and paint system
  • Preparation of a document reporting in a simple and comprehensive way all necessary requirements for the correct paintworks execution from surface preparation to paint systems application, to inspection and quality control both during work execution and at works completion


Over the years IMC has prepared functional and/or project specifications for several shipowners, oil companies and Oil&Gas operators.