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Inspection and Quality Control
Surface cleanliness | coating intervals | Paint adhesion testing

IMC has a highly qualified coating inspectors team, AMPP or FROSIO certified.

On yearly base the IMC inspectors attend to in-house training to provide them with a regular update on the new instruments use, new coating systems, innovative methods, statistical coating failure analysis, rules and regulations changes, and evolving coating technology in paints manufacturers and related application.

The IMC coating inspectors are able to perform all checks during the various working steps from monitoring of environmental conditions, to surface preparation grade, to dry film thickness measurements of each coat, till the final checks to ensure they are performed fully in accordance with specification requirements. All data are daily-recorded using specific data bases developed by IMC staff to provide the client with a detailed final report of the works.

The coating inspectors are equipped with the necessary to perform any test and coating inspection.
The inspector’s team is ready to leave to every destination with a short notice pr spot or full time inspection.