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IMC Engineering | Protezione dalla corrosione | corrosion problems during oil and gas production and its mitigation Training & AMPP Courses (NACE & SSPC)

Training & AMPP Courses (NACE & SSPC)
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IMC organises seminars and training courses on protective coating and corrosion prevention addressed to any industry sector.

The courses, in Italian or in English, can be run at client office or in other location agreed with the client. The courses are modular and can be tailored on the client’s real needs.


The following courses are available:



  • Fundamental for the Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coating
  • Corrosion prevention of Sea Water Ballast Tanks
  • IMO resolution MSC.215(82) - PSPC for Ballast Tanks – What it means? What to do?


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