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Specific Services

During its activity, IMC has acquired a significant experience on Marine and Oil&Gas industries being involved and attending to:

  • 62 new buildings (different types of ships and offshore platforms)
  • 15 conversion or transformation of ships and FPSO
  • 228 painting specifications and procedures for different projects and industries (including preparation and review)
  • 138 condition surveys
  • 14 arbitrations and disputes
  • 7 projects management of large coating works
  • Many consultancy services, audits and inspections


For a suitable corrosion prevention and to optimise the coating performances, it is necessary that the services are performed from the early stage of project development till its completion, including, eventually, a survey program during the life of the ship or of the facility.

IMC is able to monitor all construction steps, from surface preparation to the application of the protective coating.
The collaboration with IMC allows the customer to rely on an external staff as if it is part of its own organisation. Therefore, for ships or any other facility, IMC can provide qualified and certified coating inspectors.