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Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems


  • In 2018 IMC engineering S.r.l. was appointed by Porto Antico of Genova S.p.A. for the Project Management of "ISOLA DELLE CHIATTE" maintenance. After the preparation of the Technical Specification, in July 2023 the maintenance works have been contracted. In September 2023 the 7 units forming the "Isola delle Chiatte" entered in the dry-dock, from where they exit after 60 days of works, coordinated and supervised by IMC's technicians AMPP Senior Certified Coating Inspectors. In these days the 7 units are returning to their mooring in Porto Antico Area for the completion of the works planned for the end of the year.


  •  After the "Nave Italia" and other infrastructure maintained over the years, the collaboration of IMC engineering S.r.l. with the Porto Antico of Genova S.p.A. is enriched with a further prestigious project. IMC has been appointed a Project Manager for the coating maintenance of the BIGO of Genoa, located in Calata Cattaneo in the Porto Antico Area. Besides the development of the executive project started in 2020 during the pandemic, IMC services include the Project Management, quality control included, during the maintenance activities that will be developped in two steps of which the first will start in March 2024.


  • At the end of September 2023 the M/T RITA IEVOLI, it is a new 15.000 DWT Chemical Tanker, has been delivered to Marnavi Chem S.r.l., a company of the Marnavi S.p.A. group of Naples. IMC engineering S.r.l. has been involved from the beginning of the project, reviewing the specification for coating, cathodic protection and passivation of the stainless-steel cargo tanks and subsequently in the approval of the related procedures submitted by the shipyard. During the construction in China which suffered significant delay due to the pandemic emergency of 2020 and 2021, the IMC engineers AMPP Senior Certified Coating Inspectors (ex NACE Level 3) with Marine Specialty and NDT Certified Welding Inspectors, acted full time as Owner's representatives in the supervision and quality controls of the coating, insulation and corrosion prevention works.


  • IMC engineering have been presented with a CERTIFICATE of RECOGNITION for running NACE courses in Italy during the Licensee Meeting at NACE Annual Conference - Corrosion 2017.