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For over 30 years, the NACE Coating Inspector Program has set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry and is the world's most recognized coating inspector certification program.



CIP Level 1 is the first international certification program designed to improve the overall quality of inspections performed, and it continues to provide the most complete training curriculum, producing top-notch inspectors for the industry. 

This CIP Level 1 course offers over 60 hours of instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. This course provides students with knowledge of coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares the student to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises and hands-on practical labs that teach the student how to perform basic inspection tests. A written exam that will run at Pearson Vue Testing Center, practical exam, and inspector log book evaluation are given at the end of the course.

There are no prerequisites for this course.



This CIP Level 2 course focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete using both nondestructive and destructive techniques. Surface preparation, coating types, inspection criteria, lab testing, and failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings are also covered.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises, and hands-on labs using destructive and nondestructive instruments and test methods. Students will also participate in case studies based on real-life situations and practices of a coatings inspector. The course concludes with both written and practical exams, written exam will run at Pearson Vue Testing Center.

Prerequisites to register and attend to the CIP Level 2 course: Successful completion of practical exam of CIP Level 1 and Log Book.

Prerequisites to receive the CIP Level 2 certification: CIP Level 1 Certification and successful completion of CIP Level 2 course, plus 2 years of work experience approved by NACE International.

The candidate will receive the certification until all requirements have been submitted and approved by NACE International.



To be recognized as a Certified NACE Coating Inspector Level 3 is required to overcome the CIP Peer Review.
The Peer Review is an exam of two hours, which includes a series of questions to test the candidate's practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of painting. In Peer Review candidates must demonstrate that they are able to apply at work and in real life situations faced by Coating Inspector, what was learned during the sessions of the CIP.

Prerequisites: Can be accessed by students who have completed at least five years of demonstrated work experience and successful completion of CIP Level 2.


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