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The Marine Coating Technology (MCT) course covers the fundamental issues that are specific to coatings in the marine industry. After a description of the most common types of ships, the course describes the corrosion types affecting the ships' areas, the types of coatings and linings that are effective in the marine environment, the shipbuilding process, the surface preparation, application and inspection techniques, the IMO PSPC for Ballast Tanks, Cargo Tanks and Voids, as well as in-service survey and inspection, inspection records and procedures.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures and discussions.

Who Should Attend:

Although specifically designed for coating inspector trainees, this course benefits anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection.This includes:

  • Project engineers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Contractors
  • Technical sales representatives
  • Blasters
  • Paint applicators
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Management or staff involved in maritime or shipbuilding with a required knowledge of coatings

Prerequisites to register and attend the course: No prior training in corrosion control is required. However NACE CIP LEVEL 1 o Level 2 Certification and/or Basic Corrosion course is recommended.

Certification: To receive a certificate of completion* must be attend the entire course and successfully pass each learning assessment for the course. With MCT course the student can achieve the Marine Specialty if he has CIP LEVEL 1, 2, or 3 Certification.    

*The Certificate of Completion should not be interpreted as the award of NACE Institute Certification.


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