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The Internal Corrosion for Pipelines - Basic Principles (ICP) course introduces the fundamentals of implementing, monitoring, and maintaining an internal corrosion control program as part of an overall pipeline integrity management program. It is an introductory level course focusing on internal corrosion of liquid and natural gas pipelines used for transmissions, storage, and gathering systems.

Classroom instruction consists of lecture, group exercises, cases studies, and hands-on field testing using different instruments and techniques utilized to identify and monitor internal corrosion.

Who Should Attend:

Geared toward individuals at the technologist level who have some background in corrosion and are familiar with pipeline operations. 

Prerequisites to register and attend the course: No prior training is required. However High school diploma, GED, or quivalent, four years of internal corrosion work and Basic Corrosion course are recommended.


Certification Exams:  Successful completion of the written and practical exam is required to earn a certificate of completion. With ICP Course the student can achieve the Internal Corrosion Technologist certification submitting at least four years' verifiable internal corrosion-related work experience in a pipeline environment.    

To receive a certificate of completion* must be attend the entire course and successfully pass each learning assessment for the course. 

*The Certificate of Completion should not be interpreted as the award of NACE Institute Certification.



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