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Who we are

IMC engineering Srl is born in Genova (Italy) on 1988 with the main aims to provide shipowners with highly specialised services of assistance and technical consultancy in the field of corrosion prevention.


The dynamism, characteristic of the company, has allowed IMC to increase and to diversify its activity, acquiring new experiences and improving the consolidated capabilities. Over the years, the activity from the marine field, that in any case remains the “core business”, has been extended at first to the Oil&Gas field and successively to the Mega Yachts one. At the same rate competences and capabilities have grown as well, leading to the expansion of the services to the cathodic protection, to the passive fire protection, the thermo-acoustics insulation.

The optimization of the activity and of the structure, completed among other things by the Quality Management System developed by IMC in conformity with requirement ISO 9001:2000, and the synergy with the clients’ requirements, has been reached with the constant rationalisation of the performances in order to satisfy the demands in a wide sphere of involvements.

IMC is, and remains, an independent company, and as such she provides its clients with professional and impartial advices; this constant basic principle, together with the contributions of engineers carefully selected of high professionalism, has allowed IMC to become leader of the Italian market and one of the major European companies in the field of the corrosion prevention services.

The IMC mission is that to pursue the research of the best quality allowing, through a continuous technological innovation and of the systems, to provide the clients with services more and more professional and qualified, in the various industrial fields.